Microscopic worm

This work was found squirming in and about some filaments of Spirogyra (the blob you see in the photo is just some adhesive for attaching the cover slip to a slide). I could not tell which end was the head or posterior.


To make photographs easier to find for people who are searching for information, I’ve started categorizing most of the photos. I hope this makes things easier to find!


Sorry that there haven’t been new posts lately. After a while, live slides like the ones mentioned before tend to be dominated by a single species of organism, and therefore aren’t very interesting (also, on the slide with the paramecia, half of it dried up. Luckily, I rehydrated it before things got messy, but all that’s left is one deformed paramecium and lots of tiny ciliates).

Good News and Bad News…

Bad News: There’s something wrong with one of the microscope lenses or mirrors (not sure which one) that projects reflections of the specimen on the slide (i might be able to upload a picture). However, it doesn’t obstruct all view and it’s restricted to only one position.

Good News: The rest of the microscope is still functional. Also, I just made a new slide with lots of interestsing things on it…you can expect pictures some time this week if the slide survives (I have a whole jar of the stuff I got the specimen from, so even if the slide itself has problems, I can always make another one!).